30 Apr

mature tornado on the ground

This week was a devastating week for Americans in the South. A series of tornado touchdowns occurred resulting in the deaths of people and the destruction of property running in the millions of dollars and what is most immeasurable: grief.

Two things strike fear into my heart the most:  lightning storms, and tornadoes.  Both have two most common characteristics, you will never know when and where they will strike.

Forecasters can tell you that they are in the area, they can tell you there is an imminent lighting strike or tornado touchdown about to happen, but one thing they cannot say is where, and when, and tornadoes have this nasty habit of touching down when you’re supposed to be peacefully in bed.

This wariness about tornadoes is one of the motivations my wife and I had for moving from Maryland to Western New York, particularly in the Niagara Falls region and we stayed there for three years, from 200 to 2009.

We naively thought given cooler weather conditions tornadoes should be a rarity if not  a non-event up there.  Snow we can deal with, cold is fine, we like cooler weather, lightning storms we could also deal with although, like I said, lightning also scares me, but tornadoes ?   if we can find somewhere they should be a rarity, that is where we’re headed.

Well, guess what ?

A week after we moved to North Tonawanda, just a few miles from Niagara Falls, hah !  This F2 tornado touches down just a few miles east of where we were at.  The locals said this very very rarely happens, damage wasn’t much, but there it was, a tornado.

I got the message, Lord.

Ain’t no running away from you, so we can only run TO you, our shelter from the storm.

My heart goes out to the victims of those devastating tornadoes and to those who not only lost property, but their loved ones.

But in all these, for those who are God’s people among the victims, you and I share the same hope and joy:  a steadfast hope for heaven in a Person, and an unwavering knowledge that our God is good, and just, and has us in His mind always.

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