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Should The World Accept Christians ?

The Headline reads:

European Court Tells U.K. Government to Clarify Rights of Christians by Alison Matheson Christian Post Correspondent.

This is really not fresh news.

Secular, and even religious, England, has always been hostile to Christ

It will be recalled that the Mayflower pilgrims left the United Kingdom because of religious reasons.

They wanted to be able to practice their religion with freedom according to the dictates of their conscience.

So it is that the United States of America is supposedly a country where there is freedom of religion.

But it seems, like mother, like daughter.

The United States of America is slowly, but surely coming to resemble her mother country, England, in the persecution and curtailment of the rights of its citizens holding to the original faith upon which many principles in the laws and government in this country have been built in order to gain the favor of others who, then and now, are the minority among its citizens: atheists, agnostics, humanists, evolutionists, and the like, all for the sake of “Human Rights”.

There is nothing wrong with Human Rights, per se.

It is good to desire that no man is deprived of his freedom without due process, or denied the right to his basic needs, or denied the right from fear, and such like.

What is wrong is when human rights become so exploited and abused a term that governments such as the United Kingdom, and the United States,  tell one set of its citizens to not wear anything that will identify their faith, or express their faith personally anywhere, while not demanding the same of those whose faiths are foreign to the history of this country, regardless of what its Chief Executive says or opines to the contrary, while from the other side of his mouth, he expounds: no discrimination in any way,shape, or form whatsoever.

But then again, what should Christians expect ?

Jesus Himself said that the world will hate Christians, just as it hated Him.

At least that’s what He said to His disciples, and strictly and contextually speaking, He was addressing them in His time, but, since the name “Christian” means “belonging to Christ”, why should we in our age and time, who name the Name of Christ as our own, think that His words may not be expanded to include our age and time ?

Of course, we will be persecuted, discriminated against, railed at, scorned, hated, maltreated, and despised.

Didn’t Jesus say the disciple is not above his Master ?

Our time is not yet.

But it is coming, not because Harold Camping and some other stupid theologian names a date or a year, but because He who cannot lie said so, and when it does, what a vengeance !

Ours is to patiently wait on the Lord.

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